Travelling after a heart attack

Check with your doctor before flying after a heart attack

After a heart attack you can travel by train or as a passenger in a car. Fitness to fly depends on individual circumstances and you should consult your doctor.

You can travel by car (not as the driver) or train after leaving hospital. Be sure not to overexert yourself and take breaks during long trips.

Fitness to fly differs between individuals – ask your doctor if it is safe for you. The answer will depend on the seriousness of the heart attack you had, duration of the flight, and whether you will be alone or accompanied.

In general, the risk of flying is low after an uncomplicated heart attack. Many patients can safely fly three days after leaving hospital.

Patients who experience complications should postpone flying until their condition is stable. If you must fly within two weeks your doctor may recommend a medical escort because a low oxygen aircraft cabin could be dangerous.